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So, what do you do?

It is hard to distill all that I do in a few words, but the primary focus of Yahne.Law PC is business and real estate representation.

For business clients just starting out, I help to establish an environment in which the new business can thrive and grow by advising on selection of the proper entity and getting it set up the right way in the beginning. After setting up a new business, I can be involved as much as or as little as needed. For active businesses seeking to manage risk and avoid costly mistakes, I make sure the proper documents are prepared and filed to ensure the continuation of the business. I also review or prepare contracts for the business's relationship with employees, shareholders, vendors, customers, lenders and everything between. For businesses involving multiple shareholders and sophisticated governance structures, I help with the adoption and management of shareholder agreements and contracts for buying in and buying out. For example, I represent many medical groups with physician shareholders where new doctors are regularly brought into the group. I have helped many clients acquire existing businesses and I've handled asset and stock sales of my clients' businesses involving anything from small dry cleaning operations to technology companies acquired by publicly traded companies.

For real estate clients, I help investigate projects and purchases before contracts get signed and then I make sure the necessary contract terms get included in the purchase documents. I've managed and completed sale transactions for multi-million dollar commercial properties involving publicly traded companies and REITs and I have represented many clients purchasing or building homes. or condominiums Once the purchase or development agreement is in place, I do everything and anything to obtain the best outcome for my clients, whether it be obtaining required permits or closing the transaction. I've appeared before zoning boards, redevelopment commissions, public works boards, and planning commissions where I have guided clients to obtain zoning, planning, environmental and redevelopment permits and approvals. I have represented clients on projects ranging from industrial developments (such as a multi-million dollar intermodal distribution center) to retail operations (such as a bank branch sited in a confined urban setting).

If you purchased a tax sale certificate at a Property Tax Sale or Commissioner’s Sale in Lake County, Indiana or Porter County, Indiana, I will help navigate the intracacies and complexities facing you as a certificate buyer. While acquisition of tax sale certificates presents a potentially significant investment and business opportunity, the selection of experienced legal counsel is essential to ensure that you safely navigate the minefield that lays between you and a tax deed is essential. And, if you did make a mistake by purchasing a tax sale certificate to a challenged parcel, such as the following examples I have encountered: landlocked property; a middle section of a warehouse without exterior access; and railroad property just to name a few, I can help with creative solutions.

I also represent clients who find themselves involved in a litigation ranging from small contract disputes to complex civil matters. For clients, I have handled covenant not to compete injunctions, business accountings, accounting disputes, shareholder disputes, business dissolutions, unpaid wage litigation, contractual disputes of every stripe, employee relations, banking matters, and defamation, just to mention a few. I think that my skill set (organizational ability, competence, strategic thinking and experience) and demonstrated commitment to certain principals (accessibility, diligence and responsiveness) enable me to provide effective representation and peace of mind to my clients.